Envisioning a Simpler, Cleaner and Better Future.

A decentralized Digital Token, for funding green renewable energy projects, along with waste tracking that utilize blockchain technology.

CryptoCurrencyUSDChange 1hChange 24hChange 7d
Bitcoin9,269.9 0.04 % 0.41 % 1.31 %
Litecoin44.67 0.09 % 2.81 % 8.41 %
Ethereum240.71 0.11 % 1.77 % 6.70 %
Monero65.42 1.03 % 2.47 % 2.85 %

A Digital Token

Digital Token that preserves and protects its investors & ambassadors.

Legal Compliance

Insuring our ambassadors & investors with integrity & decentralized compliance structure.

Bonding & Vetting of Projects

Investing into projects that have long term potential in the renewable energy sector.

Ethereum Platform

Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts

Our Core

What is NVZN Token?

NVZN Token is blockchain’s ability to give unbreakable lifecycle tracking of waste, which will be useful when providing audit and accountability, with government regulators, and to create a token that is helping solve the energy problem by helping fund green energy projects. Creating a domino effect of ease, for multiple world controversies such as, climate change, seismic activity, etc.

Investors of NVZN will be able to assist in NVZN in the funding of Green renewable energy projects, from startups to existing renewable energy companies. 

  • Blockchain = Public assurance
  • Financial Integrity = Funding projects to help society
  • Tokens and Smart Contracts = Permanent records of tracking
  • Exclusive Currency for transactions 

Protecting our partners by protecting our planet and our future.

Our Goal

We Bring together people & the World

The ultimate goal of NVZN is to be the all-in-one solution for renewable energy progression, while offering a path for people to see the rehabilitation of the waste & energy sectors image. Together as a people on our planet we can solve this problem before it’s too late.

Join the Movement

Be a part of NVZN's Digital Token Campaign

Our Goal is to fund and assist as many entities & organizations, by bringing these renewable energy projects to life. We’re making common sense decisions, about the things that make our investors happier. Decisions such as updates on amount of projects funded, campaign funding goals, funding progression, live streaming updates, etc.




Million potential clients


Faster & more

secured transactions.

No borders for international

payments or transactions.

NVZN token price

1 NVZN = ETH 0.002

Digital Token Participants

Scroll up to buy NVZN Tokens

Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: 02/02/2020
Hard cap:  50M
Soft cap: 5M
Token: NVZN
Exchange rate:   1 NVZN = ETH 0.002
Project protocol: ERC-20 based utility token

Payment Methods


 To deposit in ETH (Ethereum) & purchase NVZN tokens, please scroll up, & click buy. All customers must fill out the whitelist completely, in order to safely receive their purchase, of NVZN tokens at Pre Sale Price. For security reasons, ALL contract addresses to deposit Ethereum into, will only be sent via email, from ONLY SUPPORT@NVZNTOKEN.COM email address. Contract addresses, for customers will only be revealed, after the customer verifies the receiving address & purchase amount. 


First, Download Atomic Wallet.
-> https://atomicwallet.io/downloads

Second, To be able to add Invizion to the Atomic Wallet, please go to Etherscan website.
-> https://etherscan.io/token/0x99963EE76C886fc43D5063428fF8F926E8A50985

Third, Go to Atomic Wallet and follow these steps.
    – Go to, “Settings”
    – Click, “Add Token”
    – Click, “ADD BY CONTRACT”
    – Copy Invizion Contract Address from Etherscan (Step two).

Four and last, Add Invizion information by typing the information bellow at the Atomic App.
1. Tap to paste contract address
->  0x99963EE76C886fc43D5063428fF8F926E8A50985
2. Full name   -> INVIZION
3. Ticker         -> NVZN
4. Decimal      -> 18
5. After filling up the information click, “ADD TOKEN”

Make sure you double-check all addresses before sending and receiving tokens.
SENDING and RECEIVING tokens/coins to the wrong address can result in LOSS of tokens or coins.

Token Structure

How to Buy Our Tokens

Our clients we fund – both public and private companies – will receive all the services they need from a single platform of technology, called blockchain. Blockchain technology gives the world a  chance to make progress known, and make progress continue, with great morale and integrity.

  • 60% Distributed to Community

  • 30% Reserved Treasury

  • 10% Architecture Division


Our Motivated Team